BOSCH Cookbook: "Sensible Cooking": 80 page cookbook with color photos highlighting award winning recipes developed over the years by BOSCH Kitchen machine experts. These delightful recipes will treat your senses to a new world of enjoyable cooking and healthy eating. Available as book or on CD.

Notice: Wire whips and batter whisks are designed for whipping and mixing pourable liquids and batters. Any heavy doughs, many cakes, and most cookies should be prepared using the Cookie Paddles or Dough Hook.

Do Not attempt to whip solid butter, stiff dough, partially cooked potatoes, or anything with those types of consistency. The Bosch motor is so strong, it will bend the whip wires if the resistance is too stiff.

Prices below are as of 1/28/2013 and subject to change.
BOSCH Compact Mixer

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Bosch Compact Mixer (Mixer Only):
MSRP: $229.99
Our Price: $199.99
Video Demonstration, Bosch Compact Machine
Note that the Compact does not come with the blender or slicer-shredder, or caddy as mentioned in the video. The bleder and slicer-shredder are optional attachments that can be added for only $49.99 each when ordered with the Bosch Compact. The caddy mentioned is not included with the Compact and not currently available.
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Do you have limited counter space?

Are you looking for a smaller, but versital, mixer?

400 watt motor which is quiet yet the most powerful in its class. Sturdy 4 quart mixing bowl kneads up to six pounds of dough. Unique planetary gearing assures thorough mixing. Ingenious design of the multi-function arm accommodates many accessories. 1 year warranty.
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Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine
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Bosch Compact Mixer with
Blender attachment:
MSRP: $284.98
Our Price: $249.98
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